Going the Extra Mile for the Perfect Pairing
June 15, 2017

At our beer dinners, we like to encourage guests to explore the ever-evolving boundaries of beer. From the novice to the beer geek, to the Brewmaster to the Chef, our dinners provide an outlet for... Read More

BEHIND THE BREW: Cowbell Brewing Co.
June 13, 2017

With: Stephen Rich, Brewmaster, Director – Brewing OperationsFrom: Cowbell Brewing Co.As part of the Renegade series at Beertown, we met up with Stephen Rich, Brewmaster Director – Brewing Operations, and got up-close and personal. Stephen... Read More

Did Someone say Burgers...?
June 07, 2017

As you may already know Chef Todd Clarmo is new on the Beertown block and has been evolving how we do food! His first order of business has been revamping our menu just in time... Read More

Creating a New Collaborative Batch!
June 07, 2017

A Beertown brew has always been at the top of our wish list for Beertown Public House. Keeping in mind that we are a restaurant first, and not a brewery, we believe the best possible... Read More

Baker's Beer Tasting Celebration
June 07, 2017

Baker's Beer Tasting Celebration came together when we realized that Jay Baker, Baker the Freeloader from FM 96 in London, Ontario, was a huge beer enthusiast and used to write a beer blog. We decided... Read More


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