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The Master Sessions: Chef Michael Olson
June 28, 2017

What are The Master Sessions?

The Master Sessions at Beertown Public House were created to showcase incredible culinary talent, that manifests into exceptional experiences that our guests will never forget! It is also a perfect opportunity to allow our culinary team work with world-renown chefs! We invite the masters from the industry we respect and expect nothing short of the best. Our Master Sessions are not only open to beer but to other beverage partners as well. We want to offer this experience to our guests because we believe that when we bring everyone together, we can create conversations around the table unlike any other!

(Chef Michael Olson, Chef Anna Olson, Corporate Executive Chef Chef Todd Clarmo, + Director of Culinary Chef Michael Hodgson)

Last night's Master Session Beer Dinner with Chef Michael Olson was an exciting evening packed full of fantastic food + beers to match.  The guest piled in promptly at 6pm, received their arrival beer, + were shown their seats (which they didn't really stay in) – the buzz only rose throughout the night. 

(ARRIVAL BEER: DUBBEL |  The Exchange Brewery | Belgian Dubbel | 7.6% | 25 IBU)

The menu crafted by Chef Michael Olson came to us a month in advance. With the help of Chef Todd Clarmo, the two made sure that the food would be a success come dinner time. We also worked diligently to pick beers from Breweries hand selected by Chef Olson. Everything had been inspired by the Niagra Region.


Chef Zach Willick (left) + Chef Ben Ingram (right), were part of Beertown's culinary team. They worked with Chef Olson + Chef Clarmo, preparing the dishes for service. 

VERJUS SOUR | Oast House Brewery | American Wild Ale | 6.4% | 7 IBU

& FLANDERS RED ALE | The Exchange Brewery | Flanders Red Ale | 7.0% | 27 IBU

STRAWBERRY GRISETTE | NCT Brewery | Fruit/Vegetable Beer | 4.0% | 23 IBU

CITRA GROVE DRY HOPPED SOUR | Bench Brewery | American Wild Ale | 6.0% | 14 IBU)

(1ST COURSE: VITELLO TONNATO with local endives + DELHI ASPARAGUS with rhubarb hollandaise)

(1st course paired with SUNDAY’S BEST BELGIAN WIT | Oast House Brewery | Witbier | 5.0% | 16 IBU)

Chef Michael Olson came out during the evening to speak with guests. On this occasion, we watched as he, Chef Anna Olson, + Chef Todd Clarmo walked around with extra Hollandaise sauce to serve on top of the asparagus. 

Jen, our Beer Czar, was of course graciously approaching tables to make sure the beer pairings were good. She always knows great information about the beer, so you could say some guests got dinner, beer, + a good story to tell later. 

(2nd course paired with NIAGARA 50/150 HONEY ALE |  NCT Brewery XX Michael Olson | American Pale Ale | 5.7% | 25 IBU)

(2ND COURSE: ROASTED SPRING CHICKEN with Beertown bacon, mushrooms, bulb onions, witbier gravy, young orange carrots, + smashed spuds – Served Family Style)

Fun fact: The NIAGARA 50/150 HONEY ALE was brewed using local barley malt from Harvest Hop & Malt in Guelph. They also happened to be at last night's event!  

As guests were enjoying their entrées, Chef Michael + Chef Anna Olson prepared the dessert. It was impressive to see the two working in tandem to finish off the night's meal.  

After a night of collaboration, the team came together to complete the final course. If we could send you the smells from this dessert we would – BUT we can't, so you'll just have to stop in next time to experience it for yourself.

(3RD COURSE: ETON MESS with macerated Beamsville strawberries, cracked meringue, lime Chantilly + MOUNTAINOAK IPA PRESSED CURDS made with spent grains + hops, served with lavash)

(3rd course paired with: CLEAN SLATE BRETT SAISON |  Bench Brewery | Saison/Farmhouse Ale | 5.7% | 35 IBU)

The night ended with more beer, laughs, + everyone hanging around to chat with the Chefs + Brewers. We had a great time hosting this incredible event + we'd like to thank all of our guests who continue to join us in experiencing great food. Thank you to Chef Michael Olson for delivering such an inspired menu + providing us with great stories to tell! You were our First Master Chef to collaborate in our kitchen + like they say, you'll never forget your first. 

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We look forward to having you here!

Contributers: Evin Lachance + Cindy Perri 

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