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All Good Things Come From the Garden
October 17, 2019

When Sam from Sawdust City approached us asking if we wanted to collaborate on a Beertown Exclusive brew, there was one obvious answer - YES! We talked and decided to create a brew that strayed from the usual IPA scene with our collaborations and try something new - a wet-hopped, Old World Pilsner!

So what does wet-hopped mean? For a beer to be wet-hopped, it needs to be hopped with freshly harvested hops either during, or right after the harvest. This means it can only be made once a year! Because wet-hopped beers are made with the fresh hop cones, they aren't as concentrated as their pelleted counterpart - this means it takes a whole lot more to achieve the desired flavour!

With that in mind, we knew we had to get these hops from a local source - and we wanted to be along every step of the way. The choice was clear - we would be driving out to Eden, Ontario to visit VQH farms - aka Hop Heaven.

So we hopped in our cars and headed out to Eden to see how the magic happens. VQH Farms' greeting comity consists of one spirited, corn husking black lab named Gus. Tour-guide extraordinaire! We were joined by Curtis VanQuaethem and Jared Hevenor - the VQ AND the H - for a tour of the expansive, green and WONDERFULLY smelling fops farm situated on a beautifully quaint country road in Eden. But don’t be fooled, they grow, harvest and distribute 6 different types of hops to over 20 Ontario Breweries! Including some of our favourites: Anderson Brewing, Forked River, Great Lakes, Grain and Grit, and of course, Sawdust City!

We decided to use Chinook Hops - a citrusy and spicy hop with notes of pine and tropicals! Originally grown in the US, Chinook Hops are commonly used in APAs, Stouts, Porters and IPAs.After meandering through the rows and rows of green, we drove down the road to VQH’s harvesting site, where they sift through the hops by hand and prepare them for either bagging or drying! For Harvest of Eden, we wanted the freshest of the fresh - so no dry pellets for us!

“We’ve been working with the VQH hop farm for over 3 years now and we’ve forged a pretty strong relationship with their team. They’re one of the farms growing consistently good hops in Ontario. So when it came time to do this year’s wet hop brew we turned to them once again. This year, we wanted to branch out and try something new, not only with style but also with who we teamed up with. So we asked Beertown if they’d like to be in on the collab and produce a beer solely for their locations and they were excited about the idea. We wanted to try something different this year and move away from the pale ale/IPAs we’ve done in the past, so we decided on brewing a pilsner. We are very happy with the results to say the least. Cheers!”

- Sam | Sawdust City | www.SawdustCityBrewing.comAfter a thorough brewing process by our Sawdust friends and some incredible artwork collaboration between our teams on the highly anticipated label, Harvest of Eden was born! Here are the goods:

Did someone say three-way collab? For our second annual release of our Collaboration Nation Series, we hit the road, teamed up with the boys from Sawdust City and visited VQH Farms during hop harvest season to produce a beer that can only be brewed once a year! Introducing “Harvest of Eden” – this Old World Pilsner has been fresh hopped with Chinook Hops offering up a pine-like, spicy bouquet perfect just in time for the fall.

Beertown XX VQH Farms XX Sawdust City
Fresh-Hop Old World Pilsner| 5.1% | 32 IBU | 18oz

Available October 17th at all Beertown Locations while supplies last! 

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