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WAS-SABRO? More like, whassup, bro?!
July 29, 2019

One of our favourite things about beer is the community it fosters!! As a restaurant first and foremost, we believe we need to leave the brewing up to the masters! That being said, we never pass up an opportunity to have the inside scoop on the brewing process and get our hands a little dirty!

We decided to do our latest Beertown collaboration brew with the one and only Great Lakes Brewing Company in Etobicoke, Ontario! Over the years, Beertown and GLB have created a fantastic relationship that is constantly putting customers and beer-lovers first - so naturally, we wanted to make something special that we knew you would love!

Flash forward to May 2019. A group of CG Team Members from all Beertown locations traveled to Etobicoke to hang with the GLB team, do some tastings, and most of all, take an exclusive tour of the Brewery! Unlike other craft breweries, Great Lakes has maintained a very “nuts and bolts” approach to brewing - maintaining an old school brewing environment while brewing cutting edge, creative beers -  with a knack for brewing fantastic IPA's and APA's. We were lucky enough to get a look firsthand at the top-secret hops room (shhh!)We knew going in that we wanted to create a New England Style Pale Ale (NEPA, for short!), but what we ended up with was so much more than that! 

Meet: WAS-SABRO! Aromas of tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit with hints of cedar and vanilla. Smooth mouthfeel on account of the flaked oats in the malt bill and plenty of haze, this juicy NEPA has been brewed with a Vermont Ale yeast strain and Sabro hops (hence the name ‘WAS-SABRO”). Sabro is a new strain of hop from Yakima, Washington which is known for offering notes of tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit and stone fruit. We’ve then added Azacca & Mosaic Hops on the finish for that extra juice!

Brewery: Beertown XX Great Lakes Brewery (Etobicoke, ON)
Style: New England Pale Ale
ABV & IBU: 5.5% | 40 IBU

Look out for WAS-SABRO this August as we feature it with the first-ever Beertown foot-long Wagyu Hot Dawg!

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