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Calling All Vegans!
October 30, 2018

Gone are the days of picking away at a meek little salad while your friends enjoy big, juicy burgers and spicy fish tacos. As you may have heard, Beertown will be launching a Vegan-Friendly menu across all 4 locations on November 6th. The menu boasts 15 items and is promised to feature all sorts of goodies including vegan renditions of some of our most famous dishes like our Vegan DIY meatless Chic’n + Sesame Lettuce Wraps, Vegan Beertown Pad Thai, Vegan Beertown Burger, just to name a few!

“Though we are called Beertown, we are first and foremost a restaurant. A restaurant with an incredibly talented culinary team. We made it our mission to create a Vegan Friendly menu that vegans would love” 

- Jody Palubiski, CEO

After over 6 months of careful development, tweaking and reworking recipes and LOTS of testing, Chef Todd Clarmo is over to the moon to be presenting the latest permanent addition to our menu. 

As any Chef would, Chef Todd relished the challenge of modifying 15 of his original dishes to accommodate our vegan friends“For me, it was the simple chatter from all of our Team Members who constantly modify their staff meals to their vegan needs. I realized it was something that needed to be accommodated, not only for them, but for our guests. I wanted to make a menu that each restaurant could execute flawlessly."

So what can guests expect? A top tier, carefully thought out menu crafted with care by our incredible culinary team. From the sauces, to the buns, to the “meat”, everything is sure to be as delicious, colourful and exciting as their animal byproduct-toting counterparts.


Check it out!

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See you soon!


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