5 Questions
with Chef Todd Clarmo

| Corporate Executive Chef

Q: You have led the kitchens of ultra high end establishments to cool brew houses – is there a common link to how you approach the food?

TC: Yes, the common link is to understand what your guest wants. Then, push the boundaries with creativity, uniqueness, freshness and seasonality.

Q: When you started your career – Chefs were the unsung heroes that were rarely seen and had little fanfare. What are your thoughts on the ‘celebrity chef’ phenomenon that has emerged over the last 10 years?

TC: I think that it is flattering that our profession is being noticed and regarded as a legitimate career. When I was younger, that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, it’s the grinders in the kitchen that should get the notoriety. They are the ones that don’t get noticed and humbly go about their business.


TC:What keeps me motivated is to see happy cooks that are learning and progressing through their careers. A clean, organized kitchen crafting incredible food is the daily goal.

Q: YOU live food all day long - Do you cook at home?

TC: My wife is a professionally trained chef as well, so luckily she often cooks. I have no problem washing dishes.

Q: Most memorable DINING EXPERIENCE?

TC: My most memorable meal was at Paul Bocuse Restaurant in Lyon, France. I was around 22 years old and was blown away. Everything about the experience was top-notch professional and classic French cuisine. It felt like I was in a dream.

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